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Jaime V, Resourcier™

Founder of Cascadia Project Consultants, LLC

Founder of Cascadia Project Consultants, LLC

One big World out there.

Feeling overwhelmed?

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Consultant and Coach Jaime VonReeve is on your side.

Their breadth of knowledge across a vast spectrum of life experiences makes her the perfect companionable Action Partner that you, your life, your business, and your relationships might be needing.

Tying in threads from how you’ve been sleeping and pooping, what tattoo to get next (and how to create money for it), how to break down and pitch the project you’re tackling next at work and where to spend vacation, VonReeve becomes your Resourcier ™ as you finally

get your sh*t together.

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What’s a Resourcier™?

...and why would I need one?

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How many hats do you wear?

How many things are on your plate?

How much are you juggling?

How’s it hanging?

Feel like that time of the month is all the time?

If any of the above questions stressed you out to even consider and you now consciously need to get your shoulders out of your ears, YOU NEED A RESOURCIER.

reh -sore - SEER

"Resourcier" is a term I designed to describe myself to the world in a way that covered what all I can do.

RESOURCIER ™ (reh - sore - SEER)

Noun, invented language. Flavor and influences: Norman, Saxon.

One who connects People, Corporations, & Entities with Resources.

“Resources” may include design work, psychic entertainment, natural remedy advice, executive functions, goal accountability, body doubling, demystifying estate planning and end of life matters, personal shopping, etiquette coaching, minor legal document creation, color therapy, relationship creation & dissolution, spiritual transitions, and more.

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What it does NOT do: take the place of qualified advice or services from medical, legal, financial, or other providers.

My advice is informed by my experience, and even the standardized courses of certification I've taken/could pass are only applicable to a select portion of the world.

You will get out what you put in, once my advice leaves me.

No refunds, no exceptions.

Who Is This??

And What’s Their Why?

Jaime VonReeve is a multidisciplinary artist and author who finds it hard to sleep at night knowing people are living without the simple things that would make their lives better.

In my 30+ years on this planet, I’ve helped hundreds of people connect to resources, inner fire, schedule, products, desired future, soulmate, higher self, the departed, and more.

I am an Existence Coach.

Because existing is hard.

And it's too long to say "Minister-Psychic-Healer-Guide-Headologist-Life Coach-Writer-Household CEO- Executive Assistant- Color Therapist-Organizer-Caregiver-Decorator-Transition Advisor- Artist-Poet-Designer-Lifestyle Consultant" all the time.😜


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